we do cards for all occasions but we do it with a twist. some are kinda fun, some are a little

flakey, some are kind, some are not, we've got a little of everything for everyone. Ah.



here is how it works, you look around, you find what you like, does it need personalization? let us know (no complicated form, just email) and we'll do it and send it to you.

oh, you pay us. knew there had to be a down side.

nice cards, by definition, are cards you could send to your mom, your priest, old teacher, your maiden Aunt Blanche or even the

person who lives next door who probably borrows stuff and doesn't return it and that is sayin' something.


who doesn't love a cowgirl? they have quite a bit to say and they have no hesitancy to say it and say it quite amusingly


not your run of the mill cards with holidays in mind. everything from Christmas, Halloween and Easter


babies are born, people are married, people who stay married have anniversaries, birthdays, achievements, a bit of blend of the nice card the naughty card and tastes just like chicken


a small (but hearty) collection of notepads, calendar pads, Christmas note cards for inserting in cards, thank you cards (bulk) and decorated note cards w/envelopes (bulk).


the fun things, the crazy vintage papers, notecards, thank you's and stationary. All packaged for your gift giving to yourself or for others!  

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